Introduction to the Location Database

The location database contains 26,000 images in 1600 different locations and is continually updated with new ones. You can search images and locations by category, key word or tag, and optionally limit the search to a specific region. For example simply typing in the word "beach" and clicking the search locations button will locate all the locations and images that have the word "beach" in their name, description or tags.

The results of a simple search like this may be overwhelming (6 pages in this case) however you can refine your search and look for beaches on a lake that has a boat ramp and is located on the north end of Vancouver Island.

You can look at all the images associated with the locations returned by the search by selecting the show details link on each. For those that wish to go further, you can:

  1. Select those locations or images that best fit your needs and save them into your lightbox.
  2. Add locations and images into the lightbox from multiple searches, then edit and sort the contents of the lightbox.
  3. After creating a free account, you can save your lightbox into one or more portfolios.
  4. Your portfolios can be annotated, shared with colleagues, and viewed as a slideshow or downloaded as a PDF.

All this can be accomplished in a few minutes and is controlled by the menu to the left, or take a look at our screencast to get some tips on creating your first portfolio.

How do I sign up?

Creating an account is as simple as clicking the "Sign Up" link (top right) and providing a name, valid email address and a password. These accounts will not be shared or sold to any organization and are not retrievable from the web site en mass. The single account allows you to save and share your portfolios and slideshows.

Enter your Authentication Information

Sign in using your e-mail address. If you have forgotten your password, enter your e-mail address and press Lost Password.

Enter your Account Information

Enter your information above and click Create Account. Required fields have been marked. You will receive e-mail confirmation of your account creation and should be able to sign in immediately.