Introduction to the Resource Database

The resource database provides a searchable list of businesses and individuals offering goods and services to the film industry.


The crew database lists industry professionals with experience in film, television, commercials, and stage. Search here to find production assistants, writers, gaffers, actors, etc. You can search by category (Best Boy, Wrangler, Key Grip, etc.), or the person's name and description.


The business database lists all types of businesses able to provide a wide range of goods and services. Search by category (shoes, dentist, TIG welding, etc.), business name, or description.


The labour database lists individuals with a wide assortment of skills who are willing and able to help you get the job done. Some examples include welders, quilters, pilots, etc.

How do I get Listed?

If you are a film industry professional, business, or individual seeking to maximize your exposure, not just to the film industry, but to the world in general, then we encourage you to sign up online. Your listing can be accessible in just a few minutes and is managed entirely by you. Our site is visited by a wide variety of local and international users, and is actively advertised internationally.

How do I manage my listings?

You can update or remove your listing at any time. An interface is supplied to allow you to make corrections or alterations to any aspect of your records. Sign in if you haven't already, and use the My Resources link that appears in the side menu.

Disclaimer and Acceptable Use

Island North Film Commission does not endorse any of the resources listed on this site. Users of this site must use their best judgment when deciding on the usefulness of the listing data. Please read the complete disclaimer and acceptable use policy.

If you have any questions, or are unable to locate a listing then please contact us by e-mail or phone at (250) 287-2772.

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