We have created several tutorial screencasts to assist you in using this application. These are real-time examples and demonstrate not only some of the features of the software, but also contain a number of productivity tips.

Simply scroll to the screencast you are interested in and click either of the two play icons; the large central one, or the one on the bottom toolbar.

Because these videos are streaming, you can jump to any point in the screencast easily and quickly. You will need a high-speed ADSL or Cable internet connection to play these with no skipping.

If you have any suggestions for future screencasts, do not hesitate to drop us a line!

15m 8sCreating Portfolios

This screencast demonstrates the creation of a portfolio through gathering of images and locations using the location search. We also demonstrate the ability to sort and organize a portfolio into alternate structures.

We include productivity tips to help speed up the creation of your own portfolios.

NOTE: This is a 15 minute tutorial that steps through the creation of a "real" portfolio containing a fully described and annotated set of locations. If you only need to provide access to a selected group of images then you can create a "slide show" portfolio in a couple of minutes.

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